The Vanguard Landscapes & Gardens of Martha Schwartz

Called one of the most exciting and popular designers in the United States, Martha Schwartz has redefined the notion of garden design and landscape architecture.

Schwartz has brought an entirely new design language to a traditionally horticulture-oriented profession.  Eschewing conventional notions of “natural” and “landscape,” her exciting mix of bold formalism, vibrant colors and unexpected materials and plants breathed life into a moribund profession.

Hank McNeil’s innovative Winslow Farms Conservancy project is just one of those featured in this 2004 publication, The Vanguard Landscapes and Gardens of Martha Schwartz.

Of the Winslow Farms project:

This large-scale agricultural project was seen by Schwartz as a marriage between art and the necessary practicalities of reclamation and ecology….  Through an intimate collaborative process with the client and contractors working directly on site, the project was initially approached as a subtractive process.  Spaces were carved into the site by calculated, selective clearing.  The site was graded to enhance the rolling landscape and create juxtapositions with sculpted forms.  Soils were amended to support plants and crops, which were composed formally to create a work conceived as an intriguing dialogue with the “wild” nature of the landscape….  “We regenerated the landscape on several levels.”

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