Recycling Spaces, the Work of Martha Schwartz Partners

Landscape architect Martha Schwartz features the Winslow Farms Conservancy project in her new book, due out November 2011 from ORO Editions.

Recycling Spaces:  Curating Urban Evolution

The Work of Martha Schwartz Partners

Hank McNeil_Henry McNeil

Cities are constantly evolving, growing, shrinking, diversifying, sprawling, and densifying.  Each phase of evolution brings a unique set of challenges to urban areas in deciding how to remain vital and healthy for long-term sustainabilty.  One of the most important questions facing urban centers today is how to keep people attracted to live in, invest in, and participate in the city.  Recycling Spaces focuses on these questions broadly through conversations with experts in the fields of landscape, economics and urbanism, and specifically through the work of world-renowned landscape architectural office, Martha Schwartz Partners.

Martha Schwartz Partners breathes life into cities and neighborhoods by creating spaces that make people feel emotionally connected, engaged and invested in the long-term viability of the place.  Places that resonate with people are sustainable places.  This expanded notion of sustainability is the basis of the firm’s public work, and is illustrated here by a selection of the firms’ recent and ongoing design projects.

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The book explores an expanded notion of sustainability and the aesthetics of sustainability — both of great interest while working on the Winslow Farms Conservancy plan.

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