vintage baseball at bat

Photo Joe Hermitt for the Patriot-News (click for article)

If you like baseball (as my son and I do), then you may be interested in this upcoming event

The Athletic Base Ball Club of Philadelphia presents


at The Philadelphia Navy Yard

Saturday & Sunday, August 20 & 21

Free and open to the public.

The Philadelphia Industrial Development Corp has enthusiastically opened the Navy Yard’s Marine Parade Ground to the Mid-Atlantic Vintage Base Ball League for a two-day Vintage Base Ball Exhibition and Fair the weekend of August 20th and 21st.

Twelve to fourteen of the League’s seventeen Clubs will be in attendance. They are coming from all points on the East Coast – NYC to Virginia, and Central Pennsylvania (Mechanicsburg). Each Club is a “re-formed” team that played from the 1860s forward – when “amateur” meant exceptionally fine play drawing crowds of 20,000+ for Clubs like the Brooklyn Atlantics and the Athletic Base Ball Club of Philadelphia.

Matches (1860’s speak for ‘games’) begin at 10:00 a.m. – authentic uniforms, bats, balls, no gloves, play by 1864 rules, with 6 clubs playing (three simultaneous 1.5-hour Matches) on the Parade Grounds at any given time.

Of special note is the tent sponsored by the Haverford Historical Society and Athletic Base Ball Club of Philadelphia. Gents brave enough to grow-out their facial hair the next 30-days can schedule an appointment with a mid-19th century barber for fashionable sideburns, handlebar moustache plus. (Email /marty1866 [at] gmail *dot* com\ to sign up.)

There will be plenty of Vintage players on hand to regale you with stories, answer rules questions, bring you on board as a new club player. The League is looking for women with game.

Come down to the Navy Yard — see Clubs that last pitched and fielded 140-years ago.  Bring blankets, folding chairs, your children, parents, family, friends, neighbors and sweethearts. Free admission. A variety of refreshments (including Philadelphia Brewing Company’s finest) will be for sale. Interesting mid-19th-century attractions share the Green. Period-style items raffled each day.

The Philadelphia Navy Yard, 4747 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA , (215) 843-9273