Hide & Seek

Big Red Nine at 9 W. 57th Street, New York City

Click for more information about 9 West 57th Street (Image from TheCityReview.com)

Have you heard about geocaching?

Apparently, all around us are secret stashes being sought by individuals armed with gps devices (or apps on smartphones).  These stashes — or “caches” — are listed at an international geocaching website.

You can find them on top of mountains, in the woods, at the beach, in Central Park.  There’s one on the High Line.  There even used to be one at the big red 9 in front of 9 W. 57th Street.  (That identifying number was the idea of architect Gordon Bunshaft and the developer, Sheldon Solow. I doubt they envisioned people hiding things under it.)

Once you find the cache, you sign a log hidden inside it, and replace it for the next person to find.

I can’t imagine how, on that busy sidewalk, anyone found a cache without being noticed.

Nevermind the gps.  I think I may make sport of spotting the geocachers.

  1. Joseph Broad said:

    This! http://www.dartmoorletterboxing.org/ I did this as a kid, and will do it again as an adult. The thrill of finding a tin box while the wind whips wild around you, scratching your name with the inevitably blunt pencil on the damp notepaper – and then rehiding it – fantastic!

  2. Sounds like you are long overdue for the thrill of discovery, Joe.

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